Surrendering Your Bulldog


If you are reading this something has happened in your life to make it necessary to find a new home for your dog.

Let us first start out by saying we hold no judgement and understand that unexpected life events happen. We will support you throughout this process and hope to help ease any fears you may be experiencing. We know that this is a very difficult thing to do, every situation is unique and the reasons for surrendering a dog are as numerous as the dogs we place. They do, however, have one thing in common—nobody ever starts out with a dog expecting to one day no longer be able to keep them. 

Things happen, life changes. 

Whatever your reason to surrender, unless your dog has severe, irreversible behavioral issues, we will find her/him an appropriate, loving home.

Helpful Hints​

  1. You will first need to complete the Surrender Contract below. Questions?
  2. Remember we are here to help! Surrendering your dog may not be the only option. We’d be happy to discuss any and all possibilities. 
  3. If Queen City Bulldog Rescue is able to take in your dog (this will be dependent on foster availability, successful temperament testing, amongst other details), arrangements will be made and we’ll request all veterinary records/paperwork be provided.
  4. You will be required to sign an OFFICIAL SURRENDER CONTRACT transferring care to Queen City Bulldog Rescue.
  5. We commit to the Bulldogs placed in our care for their lifetime. Once a QCBR dog, always a QCBR dog. 
  6. If there is ever a problem in their new adoptive home, we will always take them back into our care.

Surrender Contract


    Street Address Line 1

    Street Address Line 2

    (ex. 1-123-456-7890)

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: All owners of the above-named dog must sign this contract before Queen City Bulldog Rescue (hereinafter called QCBR) will agree to take this dog.
    In regard to the surrender of the above-described dog, I/We, the undersigned, agree to the following conditions:

    1. By signing this contract, I certify that I am the owner of this dog.
    2. By signing this contract, I understand that this dog becomes the responsibility of QCBR and that I have no further rights to this dog.
    3. All decisions regarding the placement of this dog will be made solely by QCBR.
    4. The Relinquisher has no rights to information regarding the adoption of this dog.
    5. The Relinquisher guarantees to QCBR that this dog’s history with regard to biting is accurately described as follows: To my knowledge, this dog:


    If you chose "Other" please explain


    If you chose "Other" please explain


    If you chose "Other" please explain

    Male/NeuteredMale/Not NeuteredFemale/SpayedFemale/Not Spayed

    (ex. 1-123-456-7890)


    Select all that apply


    If "Other Commands" please list them

    Rides well in a carWalks on a leashJumps fencesComes when calledHousebrokenCrate TrainedAfraid of stormsSeparation AnxietyGrowls at strangersWill let you take food/toys awayHas had professional trainingCurrently lives with other dogsCurrently lives with other catsCurrently lives with children

    I/We understand this contract and the policies described above, and agree to their conditions. I/We agree to hold QCBR, its officers, board members, agents, and volunteers harmless for any loss of, damage to, or injury to persons, animals, or property arising from or relating to the placement of this dog.

    (The "Clear" Button will erase the current signature)

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