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Why Ruby Is Limited Edition

I am a baby still and subsequent W I L D W O M A N! I love to give kisses, but no one ever taught me as a puppy how to be gentle, so I’m working on being less ‘mouthy’ or at least that’s what Fosser Mom says.

Likes: Running, jumping, climbing, smelling, sniffing and chewing on deer antlers

Hi friends! I am just a youngin’ myself but I have been a Momma already a few times. Everyone here says no more babies for me and now I get all of the attention to myself. I’m a really athletic girl and love walks, so I hope my new pawrent(s) take me on them daily. Oh and you guys, I discovered TOYS – I love TOYS. Chewy toys, squeaky toys, doesn’t matter, I like it. I’m pretty easy going, however I don’t like quick movements near my face and I can have some resource guarding so I may not be best with young children.



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Adoption Fees Include:  Rabies, DHLPP + Bordetella Vaccines, Heartworm test/preventative, Flea/Tick preventative, Dewormer, Neuter/Spay, Microchip/Registration, A PRIVATE training evaluation, and BEST of all - QCBR's support FOREVER!

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