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Why Moose Is Limited Edition

“Hey guys ! I’m Moose AKA the Mooser ♥️
I’m looking a chill pad I can call home ! I may be almost 9 but I still have a ton of spunk left .
Talents include ….
falling asleep almost anywhere …. literally

Giving the best snuggles around …

Walking to the door anytime I need to … ummm you know 💩💩💩

the best wingman …. I bring in ALL.THE.LADIES 🕺🏼 or the dudes , whatever your into

Im literally THE CHILLEST PUP around
I’m totally cool with tiny humans , those feline creatures and other pups

No need to spend money on toys cause well … I simply can’t be bothered , cuts in on my 23 hours a day of sleep I require.

I sing … yep just play the family guy intro 😎

If I sound like your type a guy
Go head…. fill out that app

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Adoption Fees Include:  Rabies, DHLPP + Bordetella Vaccines, Heartworm test/preventative, Flea/Tick preventative, Dewormer, Neuter/Spay, Microchip/Registration, A PRIVATE training evaluation, and BEST of all - QCBR's support FOREVER!

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