About Harley

Why Harley Is Limited Edition

Hi I’m Harley !
Thanks for “swiping right “
I’m in the prime of my life and ready to be your babe .
Typical day for me …
wake up … ( only because I have to )
Go out ( I don’t waste time on this …. I’ll do my business then I’m ready to come in , Ohio Is too dang cold )
Im ready to eat …. feed me … like now … I don’t play
Time for a nap.
Ok so it’s about lunch , let’s play a tad then ummmm rub me …. rub some more …. ok now scratch my belly …. cool

Let’s eat.
Afternoon means NAP TIME !
I’m looking a chill pad to sleep … cuddle and give sugar
I love tiny humans !
Other pups ? No problem !
Cats ? Sure why not !
Let me be your sugar bear

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Adoption Fees Include:  Rabies, DHLPP + Bordetella Vaccines, Heartworm test/preventative, Flea/Tick preventative, Dewormer, Neuter/Spay, Microchip/Registration, A PRIVATE training evaluation, and BEST of all - QCBR's support FOREVER!

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