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Thank you so much for your interest in fostering pets for Queen City Bulldog Rescue. By opening up your home to foster dogs, you’re not only helping to save lives, you’re providing the individual attention and love these dogs desperately need.

Once you have completed your foster application online, our foster coordinator will get in touch with you. Participation in an online Foster Onboarding Program and a home visit will be required. Your home visit will allow our coordinators to help you prepare your family, home and resident dogs for a QCBR foster dog as well as answer any questions you may have. You will also be asked to review and sign a Foster Handbook Agreement.

Our foster program is designed to help dogs from local kill shelters as well as owner surrenders get a second chance at finding a home — a chance they may not have received otherwise. Many of the dogs who need foster homes require extra care and attention, which shelters often don’t have the staff or resources to provide. But in a loving foster home, every dog can get the individual attention he or she needs to find a forever family.

Foster homes are asked to provide care for the dogs, as well as transportation to and from veterinary and training appointments as needed, and transportation to meet and greets with prospective adopters. Care for foster dogs includes feeding according to size and needs (QCBR will provide the food!), exercise according to energy levels, and lots of play time and positive socialization.

Although fostering is a lot of work, it is a very rewarding experience. By participating in this program, you are saving lives and helping many different types of dogs find the families they’ve been longing for. If you’re willing to open up your heart and home, we promise to support you every step of the way!

Foster Application


    Street Address Line 1

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    Regular and recurring basisSeasonal basisBack-up basisEmergency basis (I will be available in the event an animal is returned)


    If "Other" please explain





    If "Other" please explain


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    YesNoI Need More Information




    If "Other" please explain

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    (ex. 1-123-456-7890)


    (ex. 1-123-456-7890)


    As a QCBR foster:

    1. I agree to provide any animal placed with me adequate food, water, shelter, affection, and medical care.
    2. I understand that anyone (including myself) interested in adopting my fosters must go through the standard adoption process and approval of candidates and placement of animals is up to QCBR.
    3. I agree that my foster must be kept on a leash or enclosed fenced area at all times.
    4. I agree that if my foster needs to go to the vet, that I will take them to the assigned QCBR vet (unless it is an emergency).
    5. I agree to contact QCBR and only QCBR in the event that an animal must be removed from my home.
    6. I accept the fact that some animals will not survive or may have to be euthanized and that decision is up to QCBR.
    7. I agree to immediately pick up/throw away fecal matter to avoid potential worm exposure to other animals and small children.
    8. I understand that I receive foster animals at my own risk and can reject or return any animals for which QCBR has asked me to provide care.
    9. I understand that all fostered animals belong to QCBR and the rescue may choose to remove them from my home at any time, for any reason.
    10. I understand that even though QCBR takes reasonable care to screen animals for foster care placement, it makes no guarantee relating to the animals health, behavior, or actions.
    11. I understand that I am fostering at my own risk and that QCBR, its Board members, officers, or any affiliates, cannot assume any liability for any accident, injury, or health problem which may arise from any volunteer work I perform for QCBR, and agree to take any and all necessary precautions to prevent such injury. I hereby indemnify, and hold harmless QCBR, its board members, officers, and any affiliates from any claims of liability including, but not limited to, claims of negligence and/or injury to me arising out of my participation within the Queen City Bulldog Rescue volunteer program.

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    Fostering F.A.Q.’s

    The dogs who are in need of foster care come to us from three different situations:

    1. Returned adoptions. At QCBR, we make a lifetime commitment to every dog  we rescue. This means that if, for any reason, an adopter can no longer keep a pet he or she adopted from us, we require that the pet comes back Queen City Bulldog Rescue. If the dog ends up at a shelter, we will pick the dog up and take him or her back.
    2. Shelter Rescue. Queen City Bulldog Rescue takes in fogs from local shelters in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Our adoption and rescue program in Cincinnati is small and focuses specifically on bulldogs within our immediate communities and neighborhoods. We want to save as many lives as possible, and the foster program allows us to maximize our resources.
    3. Owner Surrenders. 

    Foster families need to provide:

    1. A healthy and safe environment for their foster dogs
    2. Transportation to and from vet/training appointments as needed as well as meet & greets
    3. Socialization and cuddle time to help teach dogs positive family and pet relationships
    4. Lots of exercise and positive stimulation to help their development into family pets

    QCBR provides each foster dog with the following:

    1. Leash/Collar
    2. Food and Bowls
    3. Crate/Baby gate if needed
    4. All Required Medical Care
    5. Professional Training when needed
    6. 24/7 Support from our Coordinators and Volunteer Community

    As much time as you can.

    With that said the amount of time will vary depending on the energy level and needs of the dog you are fostering.

    It is ideal to spend around two hours a day exercising and playing with your foster dog to ensure that he or she receives adequate socialization and stimulation.


    The foster application is designed as a survey to help the foster coordinator match you with the best animal for your needs and your current schedule.

    If you have a full-time job, the foster coordinator will match you with a dog who may be OK alone during the workday.

    You would then just need to provide ample exercise before or after work.

    All of QCBR’s Coordinators work fulltime jobs outside of rescue – you can do this!


    Even if you do have a fenced yard, we request that you supervise all outdoor activities with the foster dog. And we ask that you always keep him or her on a leash when you’re on walks.

    Ideally, foster dogs stay in their assigned foster homes until they get adopted.

    We do require a minimum 2-3 week foster hold in order to properly evaluate each dog’s behavioral/medical and nutritional needs.

    Almost all of the dogs that we have in our foster program are rescued from shelters and have been exposed to shelter illnesses.

    While we do our best to ensure that we are aware of all the conditions that a foster dog may have prior to going home, many illnesses have incubation periods, meaning symptoms can arise after you take a dog home.

    So while some dogs do not require any medicine, others may.

    If your foster dog needs medications, we can show you how to administer them before you take the animal home.

    There are a few guidelines that we ask foster families to adhere to regarding their personal pets.

    We require all resident animals to be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines.

    Some of our intakes are strays from shelters and are very susceptible to illness and can carry or catch different diseases.

    Because of this along with other reasons, we ask you initially keep your foster dog confined to a designated space (baby gated in a bathroom/kitchen) for a minimum of 3 days to allow for proper decompression due to relocating, isolation in case of an illness outbreak as well as aiding in the proper introduction to your resident animals.

    If you want to adopt a foster dog, you will need to complete an adoption application and follow the full adoption process.

    If you do decide to adopt your foster dog, please contact the foster coordinator right away because once the dog is up for adoption, we cannot hold him/her for anyone, including the foster parent.

    If you have travel plans while you are fostering a dog for Queen City Bulldog Rescue, you will need to contact the foster coordinator.

    We will help find a temporary foster or help make boarding arrangements for your QCBR foster.

    Please provide at least one week’s notice to ensure that we can find arrangements for your foster.

    You cannot leave your foster dog with an unauthorized person or pet sitter.

    We have specific training for foster parents, and pet sitters have not undergone that training or signed the release waivers for the foster program.

    You are not required to continue to foster a dog if you feel it’s not working out. However, we may not have an immediate alternate foster home for the dog.  

    We do not have our own overnight boarding facility so we rely on alternative foster homes and boarding partners.

    We will work on moving your foster dog out as soon as possible, but ask for your understanding and patience.

    Please call the foster coordinator if this situation arises.

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