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Why Dottie Is Limited Edition

Cuddle Bug, Love Bug, Wiggle Bug… for some reason my crazy foster Mom keeps thinking I’m some type of bug!! Doesn’t she know that I’m just a petite, three-year-old little girl DOG looking for my forever family?? It really isn’t that hard…. I am already potty trained (I haven’t had one single accident, I’m THAT good!), I know basic commands and everyone always says that I am the very best DOG they have ever seen walk on a leash! I will sleep all night in my crate (though I really prefer sleeping on or next to my human) and I willingly go in any time my people leave.

Important things to know about me:
-I am an indoor dog! I really prefer to go out, do my business and run right back inside.
-I love to be on the couch! It is my happy place; the more pillows, the better!
-I absolutely LOVE kids! They are my favorite, favorite!!!
-I haven’t really figured out this whole “play” thing yet. Toys LOOK like fun, and I get snarky if the other dog comes near a toy that I have my eye on, but I don’t know to put them in my mouth or touch them yet.
-I am slowly learning stairs. They scare me a bit. I will use them to go in and out of the house (3 max) but I haven’t been brave enough to venture onto another level in the house.
-I get jealous of other dog’s food. I WILL try to fight any dog that tries to get near me or my food when I have something edible.
-I would really be best as an only dog! I just want ALL of the snuggles for myself.
-My foster family WILL cry when I leave. I mean, ugly cry. I am just the best girl and they will miss my cuddles, wiggles and love so very much!

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Adoption Fees Include:  Rabies, DHLPP + Bordetella Vaccines, Heartworm test/preventative, Flea/Tick preventative, Dewormer, Neuter/Spay, Microchip/Registration, A PRIVATE training evaluation, and BEST of all - QCBR's support FOREVER!

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