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Queen City Bulldog Rescue (QCBR) opened in February 2017 and is dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned English and French Bulldogs.

Bulldogs are arguably the highest maintenance breed of dog, being predisposed to a variety of medical conditions requiring specific and expensive care. 

Most bulldogs we rescue had been in a loving home and lost it through no fault of their own. An owner had passed away or a family lost their home. Others were unclaimed strays and still others were left behind when they were no longer convenient. 

All had met the same fate, abandoned, forgotten and without a voice.

QCBR is here to be their voice.

Rescuing and Education

Run solely by committed volunteers, along with our dedicated foster homes, veterinarians and trainers, we are able to rehabilitate and rehome bulldogs in Ohio, Kentucky and their surrounding states.

We also serve as a resource to our community by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership to ensure this expensive and high maintenance breed is properly cared for.

When a dog and family adopt each other, our payoff comes in seeing the dogs transform; from sad and scared in high kill shelters, to safe and happy bullies with their forever homes and families.

A Letter From Our Founder

“I have always had a desire to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and have actively taken on this responsibility ever since I was a young girl.

Growing up, while other kids were asking for the latest toys or video games, I would ask for a dog breed book, which I would then enthusiastically study for hours upon end until I knew every single page from its cover to the index.

My passion for animals had always been evident but it wasn’t until my early teenage years that I began to dedicate time and energy to their welfare. With the support and blessing from my parents, I began fostering for a local rescue.

Within my first year of volunteering, I had rehabilitated, cared for and successfully placed over fifty dogs into new forever homes and quickly volunteers for various positions gaining more responsibilities.

For as many success stories I was able to be apart of, unfortunately there were some that aside from extreme efforts, were lost.

It was these medical cases that opened my eyes and allowed for my first experiences in veterinary medicine. While rescuing I was introduced to the diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of diseases and diagnoses. It was through these experiences I began to realize my love for animals went far beyond just the basics.

I was fascinated, intrigued and challenged by each new medical case I experienced and was eager to learn at every presentable opportunity. After spending multiple years fostering and eventually taking on roles of volunteer and adoption coordinators, I decided to take the next step towards my career goals and work as a veterinarian assistant.

I was then employed by a full service small animal private practice. My responsibilities as an assistant included but were not limited to: assisting the veterinarian during examinations and surgeries, drawing and running laboratory tests, assisting with x-rays, filling prescriptions, as well as some administrative responsibilities. And guess what, I LOVED IT!

This exposure allowed me to work side by side with our veterinarian and permitted invaluable experiences that further developed my love for the veterinary medical field. It was also during this time I was introduced to my first Bulldog and my life would be forever changed. 

I quickly realized Bulldogs were a unlike any other breed of dog I had been exposed to. These gentle, comedic and insanely high maintenance creatures were the perfect combination that enabled me to simultaneously exercise my passion for medicine and rescue work while instantaneously making my heart sing!

Fast forward a handful of years, two bulldogs, numerous veterinarian surgical procedures and thousands upon thousands of dollars later, here we are today! Currently, Registered Nursing pays my bills while Queen City Bulldog energizes my spirit and fulfills my heart and soul. 

Life would be easier without a bulldog. My bank account would be more impressive and my heart far less damaged. 
I’ve often times received question as to why I own arguably the most man made, in bred, high maintenance breed imaginable, especially due to my most sincerest passion for rescue.

I never have a hallmark answer.

However, I feel compelled to mother this breed and support those with similar desires because I’ve seen first hand what one can look like in the hands of a careless owner. I own one because even if small in number, I know that profit driven breeding will be decreased due to spay and neutering, even if only by one dog.

I put my heart and soul into ensuring that at least one creature, who was born with the odds stacked against them, will have a safe, loving home with hopeful subsequent years of a comfortable life.

My love for this breed is so genuine that if educated owners aren’t a guarantee,  I hope to see a day where bulldogs are a breed of the past. When they are no longer bred because their suffrage and comfort mean more than our own selfish satisfaction of having their companionship. 

Owning a bulldog isn’t easy. But I’ll chose this life time and time again. Why? Because it’s worth it.”

-Chelsea, Founder/President

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